Another idea about and for

I think what matters right now more than usual is interop.

I think you should go where the interop takes you.

If the path to interop via ActivityPub is stalled, do new interop with RSS (or other similar formats) now.

It’s the user-level concepts that matter! How you did it – really not important.

My job as the guy who defined RSS 2.0 is to lead it to a merger with ActivityPub.

The relationship should be like peering at the networking level. Who cares if you connected via WiFi or Ethernet or Starlink. It’s all the same.

Now I mention this because there are new levels of interop possible between and my new product FeedLand. is in a unique position, ahead of the others. I couldn’t do the same with WordPress, for example, or obviously Twitter or Facebook or anything Google does. But – the advantage that has with all possible humility is that I want to peer with it. When we do that, the demos can show other people how to do it. But the leadership of will be felt, it will start to get a rep outside this space for being a leader in interop. That increases the value of Manton’s venture.

At times like this it pays to pause and think – “What is my acdtual product?” Esp now when it’s starting to matter because there is growing attention to the area you camped out in. This is the moment you were waiting for.

I think’s product like mine, is interop. And the beautiful thing about it is that being in the same business doesn’t mean we try to hurt each other, instead it’s flipped around. As long as we interop his success is mine and vice versa.