• Also a suggestion – look at how the comment editor on GitHub works. I click on any of the icons and it inserts the Markdown for me. I can never remember. And it’s a lot easier to click an I icon than to click underscore text underscore to italicize.

    Also I see a character counter at the bottom – is there a limit to the number of characters I can type? I notice it’s red now. Hmm.

    Let me try misspelling a word: Missssisssippi. Okay we’re not using the standard HTML editor, or Chrome would have marked that as misspelled.

  • So here’s my question, I post something to micro.blog – where does it go? Why don’t I see a list of my posts that I can edit?

  • Blogging is thinking aloud into an outliner that has a Publish button on it.

  • I hear there’s a new version of micro.blog. I’m curious to know what the new features are.

  • When Trump failed to fire Flynn it was because being compromised by Russian blackmail was nothing new in this White House. They all are.

  • Hi here I am posting on my micro.blog

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