Okay just one more, then I have to sign off for the night. Back in the 80s I wrote a bulletin-board system that was based on ThinkTank, the outliner I did for VisiCorp, and then started Living Videotext with. It was the ThinkTank codebase, with a dialup interface, and a layer of UI (you couldn’t do an expand/collapse interface over a 300 baud modem line and an Apple II with 48K of usable app memory). It meant that threads were easy to write, because I had an outliner right there. I think it would be nice to have an outliner interface on a system like micro.blog which is, in many ways, like the BBS communities of the early 80s. Since we’re starting to use OPML again (something that makes me happy!) maybe we could work out some interfaces here. I have an open source outliner, and lots of good example code. An idea for future development perhaps.