Okay one more post. I usually don’t start watching baseball until the basketball season is over. I’m very modal with my sports. But for some reason last night I tuned into the Mets game, in the last half of the 8th inning. When the inning started the Mets were up by two, by the end they were down by five! A complete meltdown. Errors, stupid mistakes, bad pitching, a total mess. The Mets were supposed to be good this year, but ever since they started spending money like the freaking Yankees, I’ve been somehwat conflicted, because I don’t mind that much if the Mets lose, but I can’t abide them becoming the YANKEES. Please. Anyway, I’m going to stay away from the Mets until July or whenever the Knicks are eliminated, and hope we can recover from my having tuned in early. Yes I am mystical about sports. It makes up for how analytic I have to be about software.