I wanted to see what was out there in blogrolls, so I wrote an app that started from my own blogroll, and looked for feeds I was subscribed to that also had blogrolls, following the conventions we outlined in March.

It then starts at each of the blogrolls I found in my list, and did the same thing with them, until I ran out of lists to look at.

And the whole thing runs again a few minutes later.

It found a bunch of them, so then I threw together a simple user interface that lets you click on the title of a blogroll in a list in the left panel, and view the actual blogroll in the right panel. Here’s a screen shot.

You can see it at browser.blogroll.social.

A caveat – what you see here is just an experiment. I don’t expect this app to be up for any period of time. It’s here just to learn from. Part of a bootstrap perhaps.

PS: Cross-posted on my blog.