I know this community, in general, dislikes Twitter and thinks it would be fine if it blew up. I don’t feel that way. Much what you can say on Twitter would be considered rude here (at least that’s the sense I get).

This place has the tone of a library or a golf club. Nothing wrong with that. But without Twitter there would be no place to exchange ideas about politics, with people you may know from other contexts. Twitter is to me a lot like NYC, at times very annoying, but also enriching because of the diversity viewpoints.

Maybe the people who don’t like Twitter come from places other than NY. I bet that’s on the right track.

Anyway I just wrote a piece about the NBA and hate, on my blog, and published a link to Twitter. It was also cc’d here because my linkblog feed is included here. But it feels really out of place. I’m going to delete it.

To be honest I expect to get some shit on Twitter too. But at least there is one place where it feels appropriate. Even if you’re not participating, I believe you’re benefitting from the existence of Twitter as it exists.