I’ve been using Mastodon for a couple of weeks now, as much or more than I use twitter.

Getting a feel for it. Very nicely designed software, fully commercial quality, many improvements over twitter, and from what i can see a very small team. They clearly work well together.

I’ve been approaching it from a different angle than @manton – going through the API.

I’ve got it so my linkblogging tool Radio3.io can cross-post links that I send to my RSS feed, the Links page on scripting.com and to Twitter. They all go to Mastodon now too. @davew@mastodon.social.

I have a semi-private Mastodon server set up, getting ready to set one up “for real” and it’ll be hooked up to FeedLand. We’ll be able to map a category onto an account, so you get a highly customizable firehose people can subscribe to (or not, if it’s too much). So all the list building features in FeedLand will now be directly hooked up to Masto and thus also hooked up to ActivityPub so they can hook up to micro.pub that way (in addition to the rssCloud connection).

Also I wrote a new this.how piece, it’s time to figure out how to get these systems to interop at a document level. People are paying more attention now than before, so it’s time to make the needs/opportunities clear.


An embarrassment of interop riches! ☘️