I tried it back in October, but I had so many ways to post to micro.blog, it was too much, so eventually I shut it all down, and just read for a while, and I think this is the best way for me to proceed with MB. Why? Because Drummer is where I do my writing. I’ve been focused on writing a lot in the last few months, trying to come at everything from a writer’s point of view. I realize I’ve always been doing that, but never so conscious of it. And that’s led me to realize I should stop compromising on my writing. I have my place to write. I can publish from here to any place that will accept my writing. I can publish it in a lot of standard forms, RSS, OPML, JSON, HTML, and if something simple were to come along I could post that way too. So here I am writing again on micro.blog, I hope. Let’s see if this works. 😀