After a 20-day absence my is back. I think finally all the corner-turns are done. It took months to get Twitter-dependence out of Drummer and FeedLand. But it appears to be done now. The final piece, Electric Drummer, my desktop multi-tab outliner, now works for updating all the different types of documents I use it to write for and it’s a long list. If this works, I now have it hooked up again to Conclusion, you can lift up a big piece of software, put in a new foundation and put it back down and have everything more or less work. But it’s all the breakage caused by “more or less” that gets you. And before that, being able to imagine how the software will work in its new form, for users, before having anything functional to look at. I’m accustomed to layering in stages. This goes totally against my normal process. So every step had to be done very deliberately with lots of things being undone because it didn’t lead in a good direction. To a user this might look easy, that was the point. Keeping the suspension of disbelief enough so people will believe it’s the same piece of software, when in some important ways, it’s not.