I’m getting ready to switch over to the new linkblogging code that’s built into FeedLand, in place of the Radio3.io app, which depended on Twitter for identity. It was one of the first JavaScript apps I wrote in 2014, so it was due for a rewrite, given how much I’ve learned.

Anyway, in the process, we need a new way to post to Mastodon, so I was looking for services that did that for users, to recommend to FeedLand users, and there’s one a lot of users seem to like, but the problem is that no one knows who makes it, and that’s a lot of trust to give some anonymous people.

Then I realized, with a loud slap to my forehead, that micro.blog could completely fill the bill. Here’s how.

  1. micro.blog can monitor RSS feeds, which is good because that’s what a FeedLand linkblog is, an RSS feed.

  2. micro.blog is a master of ActivityPub, which among other things, gives it the power to post to Mastodon.

Voila! The connection we need is there. And of course we know and trust Manton to take good care of the users. 😀

Since there is a group of people who use micro.blog and FeedLand it seemed to make sense to test this here on micro.blog, with the new FeedLand linkblogger, and verify that it works.

Here’s a place to discuss on GitHub.